Episode 113 – OotP 35: Broken Orbs, Legs and Hearts

On this week’s episode, we delve deeper into the Department of Mysteries. As Harry and the rest of the “Dream Team” fight off the Death Eaters, they encounter some of the strangest things seen in the series so far. In between time, space, brains, prophecies, and that mysterious veil, things start to look bleak for our heroes. Join hosts Caleb and Rosie, joined by special guest hosts Zack and Amanda, as they discuss Chapter 35 of Order of the Phoenix and watch the Order will come to the rescue, but not without a heart-breaking price.

Episode 112 – OotP 34: Goosebumps

Hop on a Thestral (if you can’t see them, Luna will be happy to help) and join us on our journey to the Ministry of Magic. The Department of Mysteries holds many mysterious things, from brains, to demoted planets (RIP, Pluto), and even time itself. The long journey through Chapter 34 of Order of the Phoenix with hosts Eric, Kat, & Michael with special guest Keith Hawk, starts now – so hold on tight.