Chapter Revisit,  Order of the Phoenix

Episode 261 – OotP, 23 Revisit: Protecting Me from Me

It’s a joyous Christmas time, but pull out the tissues because we’re going to St. Mungo’s. Join Kat, Rosie, and Alison, with special guest Isaiah Stannard from NBC’s Good Girls as they discuss Chapter 23 of Order of the Phoenix, “Christmas on the Closed Ward.”

On Episode 261 we discuss…

  • → Mad-Eye is putting ideas into Harry’s head…again
  • → Rosie has an OGM!
  • → Harry is clueless about magic
  • → In what ways could Harry be a weapon?
  • → Phineas Nigellus should have had a Fantastic Beasts cameo
  • → Hermione chooses the magical world over the Muggle world and her parents…again
  • → Foreshadowing abounds with Kreacher’s den
  • → The BEST Ginny chapter in the series
  • → Is Molly slightly anti-Muggle?
  • → Nagini and the complications of maledictions
  • → The tragedy of Neville’s family life

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