Chapter Revisit,  Order of the Phoenix

Episode 255 – OotP, 16 Revisit: Rock Kittens

We’re coming up on the 23rd anniversary of the founding of Dumbledore’s Army, so what better time to discuss its formation? Join hosts Kat, Katy and Michael along with guest host Briana as we bear witness to this solemn pact made in Chapter 16 of Order of the Phoenix, “In The Hog’s Head.”

On Episode 255 we discuss…

→ Hermione gets no birthday love
→ Does Jo hate cats?
→ The unforgivable vanishing spell
→ Sirius is an angel from on high
→ How close are the Dumbledore brothers?
→ Luna has a temper!
→ Harry, the next Lupin
→ Was the Hog’s Head the best meeting place?
→ Are we any better than Zacharias Smith?
→ Read the fine (invisible) print!
→ Hermione – brilliant but manipulative
→ Political or escapist fantasy?

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