Chapter Revisit,  Order of the Phoenix

Episode 314 – OotP, 28 Revisit: Fresh Horror

Umbridge is now Headmistress, Draco can deduct house points, Harry and Cho have a final fight, and then Harry finds out his father was a jerk. Only Fred and George’s antics keep this from being Harry’s worst memory. Follow hosts Grace, Katy, Tracy and guest Sam into the Pensieve as they bear witness to Chapter 28 of Order of the Phoenix, “Snape’s Worst Memory.”

On Episode 314 we discuss…

→ Leaving a broken vanishing cabinet on the 1st floor… totally fine
→ Tragic Filch – the half-person
→ Fear of kittens makes a lot more sense than pigeons
→ What do fireworks and torture devices have in common?
→ Turning suffering into profit is ok when you’re making bad people suffer
→ The Department of Mysteries appears to be a spiritual place
→ “We all got away, didn’t we?”… Dumbledore didn’t, Cho!
→ Did Hermione go too far with her hex?
→ Pensieves could be big money-makers and more dangerous than the Mirror of Erised
→ Comparing the trio to the Marauders
→ Queen Lily and the last straw
→ James totally sexually assaulted Severus

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