Chapter Revisit,  Order of the Phoenix

Episode 290 – OotP, 25 Revisit: You Go, Roger Davies!

“Never had someone to show me a love, Love like this before” … are not lyrics Harry will be singing anytime soon. Cho runs away from Harry, who then joins Hermione, Luna, and Rita Skeeter for a hilariously wonderful and insightful interview in the Three Broomsticks. You can join hosts Irvin, Alison, and Kat along with guest host Zoe as they break down the drama in Chapter 25 of Order of the Phoenix, “Beetle at Bay.”

On Episode 290 we discuss…

→ Why is there no mention of Lily’s birthday?
→ Harry is always comparing Bellatrix to Sirius
→ Why is Umbridge terrible at everything, and why does she have it out for Trelawney?
→ Snaps for Lee Jordan!
→ Snape is the WORST at teaching Occlumency
→ Kat’s teenage dating stories!
→ Zoe wants to yell at Eric Scull
→ Irvin has a ship that completely horrifies the other hosts
→ Roger Davies has got game!
→ Irvin should go work for Universal
→ We try to think of the unlikeliest drinking buddies
→ How would Harry’s Quibbler interview have gone with Cho present?

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