Full Circle

You asked for it, you got it! After years of requests from our loyal listeners begging us to start another re-read, the time has come to do exactly that. We are very proud and happy to introduce Alohomora!: Full Circle, a true labor of love.

Created and hosted by Alohomora! co-creator Kat MillerFull Circle is a re-read of the Harry Potter series through the lens of ring composition.

We on Alohomora! have discussed ring composition in-depth over three series-centric episodes. We loved those episodes so much that we decided to take on the challenge of reading the novels in a whole new way, and thus Full Circle was born. Instead of discussing the overarching rings between the complete novels, Full Circle is going to focus on the rings within each individual book. Each season of the show will cover one book in the series with episodes varying in length up to a maximum of 45 minutes. Featuring book-long cohosts of past and present Alohomora! hosts and other special guests, Full Circle promises to be a re-read unlike any other.

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