Meet the Team

The hosts of Alohomora! have collectively worked on Potter fansites for over fifty years.

That's a lot of brainpower. So, you would think that producing, hosting, and editing a podcast with that many years of Potter experience would be easy. You would be right. No, just kidding. The team makes it look easy, but it's not. They do have a lot of fun though! Want to know more about their mundane Muggle lives? All the boring details are below.


Kat, a proud Ravenclaw from Massachusetts, has been a part of the Harry Potter fandom for most of her adult life. Now in her mid-30’s, she has read (and listened to) the Harry Potter series so many times, she has lost count! As the podcast’s resident Eagle, she has basically memorized the lexicon, usually has the correct answer to a question, and loves to prove others wrong! The 10% of her life that she spends not thinking on, talking about, or reading Harry Potter, is dedicated to travel, studying American Sign Language, and petting her two adorable, soft kitties.


Tracy discovered Harry Potter a little late in the game (high school) but has loved it ever since. As a librarian, she’s a typical Ravenclaw who loves history, traveling, and writing. She’s a native New Yorker with Jamaican parents and loves to spend time with her twin sister (we don’t dress alike as adults, Weasley twins), friends, and her adorable cat, Toffee.

Shamanee is a proud Gryffindor from North Carolina. A freelance writer by day and self-proclaimed “Harry Potter Nerd,” she fell in love with the series after watching the first movie way back in 2001. She’s read the series, watched the movies, and listened to the audiobooks more times than she can count. Now a mom of 3 (including a set of twin boys who are incredibly reminiscent of Fred and George), she has loved introducing her kids to the magical world. She finds it an incredible honor to get to be part of keeping the magic of Harry Potter alive!


Alison has been a Harry Potter fanatic since she was five, and has since read the series over fifty times. A proud (and often conflicted) Gryffinpuff, she graduated from Brigham Young University in English Education and currently teaches high school English and drama. Though she can connect absolutely everything to Harry Potter, she also loves reading, writing, music, traveling, hanging out with family and friends, and thinking about all of the above. She’s been told that she basically is Hermione Granger, from the bossiness to the naturally frizzy hair and everything in between.

Asher (he/him/his) is a queer, transgender, Jewish man, and a Gryffindor! As a kid, he loved the Harry Potter movies, but he really started fixating on everything Potter a few years ago. In his muggle life, Asher enjoys creating content for his own social platforms, doing theater, and hanging out with his younger sister. He also spends much of his time advocating and educating about LGBTQ+ topics, and his transgender journey. Aside from Harry Potter, Asher loves all things horror, watching YouTube, and listening to music. He’s so excited to be a part of this fantastic podcast!

Bianca’s Harry Potter obsession began in early 2020 (fashionably late to the fandom) when she read the books for the first time. She was already a big fan of the movies, so it took less than 10 pages for her to get hooked. Four rereads in less than two years later, trust that she am not exaggerating when she says that she is soooooooooo excited to be part of the Alohomora! squad. Outside of loving to read, you will likely catch Bianca somewhere near an ocean, booking her next flight, practicing Spanish, or working towards her mission of empowering black women to step into their best selves through her online brand – Healthy, Big, and Black.

Geoff (they/them) Geoff is a non-binary, pansexual, vegetarian, podcasting, wizard rocker from Louisville, KY. When they’re not casting pods or training for running events, they can be found making music under the name “Dream Quaffle.” Geoff lives a cozy life with their wife Ashley and four cats: Kaname, Yuki, Marley, and Molly.


Patrick, the podcast’s Lead Editor, is a busy guy! In between working at a recording studio in Omaha Nebraska, producing his own podcast called The Music Room, and listening to a whole lotta music, Patrick has somehow found time to immerse himself in the Potter universe! He has been a Potter fan since the beginning and considers it an honor to be able to directly contribute to keeping the “Potter spirit” alive.