Chapter Revisit,  Order of the Phoenix

Episode 298 – OotP, 38 Revisit: Lord Thingie

HE’S BACK! And, now the whole wizarding world knows it. Harry is grieving the loss of his godfather, but thankfully he has an entire army of friends at his back to help him press on. Join hosts Alison and Rosie along with guest host Samantha as they discuss the final chapter of Order of the Phoenix, “The Second War Begins.”

On Episode 298 we discuss…

→ “Thoughts can leave deeper scarring than almost anything else.”
→ Is Madam Pomfrey a master potioneer?
→ Is Umbridge’s trauma due to loss of control?
→ Harry is just DONE
→ Ultimate sassy McGonagall
→ Harry actually has a moment to grieve!
→ Ron’s emotional teaspoon grows into a dessert spoon
→ Sirius and his parallels to the Deathly Hallows
→ Where Nick fails, Luna succeeds
→ “They always come back in the end”
→ Dumbledore’s Army takes down Slytherin
→ Ginny, the confident feminist with a plan

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