Chapter Revisit,  Order of the Phoenix

Episode 241 – OotP, 37 Revisit: TL;DR

Dumbledore should be revealing all…but he’s not, so we’ll dig out the things he doesn’t say. It’s a favorite chapter all around for hosts Kat, Beth, and Alison, with guest David as they discuss “The Lost Prophecy,” Chapter 37 of Order of the Phoenix.

On Episode 241 we discuss…

→ Does Harry finally learn from his shortcomings?
→ A perfect moment for Dumbledore to mention his family
→ Voldy is watching you, always watching
→ The Fidelius Charm has so many freakin’ loopholes
→ Four claps for you, Severus Snape; you go, Severus Snape
→ When do phoenixes actually die?
→ Harry breaks a bunch of cool stuff
→ Petunia’s complicated feelings for Harry
→ The flaw in the plan
→ Would Dumbledore have killed Harry?
→ “Thrice defied” – how?
→ Why does Snape not spill about the plan?

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