Chapter Revisit,  Philosopher's Stone

Episode 374 – PS/SS Chapter 2, The Vanishing Glass: Magical Puberty

Prologues, second chapters, and snakes – we haven’t discussed Chapter Two of Philosopher’s Stone since the very beginning. Join hosts Alison, Geoff, Tracy, and guest David for a trip back to The Vanishing Glass.

On Episode 374 we discuss…

→ James and Vernon’s first meeting
→ Harry’s lack of awareness is from the Dursleys attempt to stamp the curiosity out of him
→ The ’90s housing prices make the Millennials sad
→ Let’s just leave Harry at home
→ The Horcrux made Harry a different kind of baby
→ Geoff wants to be a magical cleaner
→ The purpose of a second chapter
→ None of us know Portuguese

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