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Episode 317 – The Anthropology of Harry Potter, Part Two: Bloody Brilliant

Linguistics, fairytales, fandom, and morals… oh my! Margaret-Ann Simonetta, seminar lecturer and graduate student at Harvard University in the field of anthropology, is back to guide us through discussing Potter through even more areas of anthropology! Join hosts Katy and Tracy as they gape, open-mouthed at Margaret-Ann’s bloody brilliance.

On Episode 317 we discuss…

→ Localization of the Harry Potter text (British vs. American English)
→ Why butcher cultures for the sake of ethnocentrically Americanizing text?
→ Hooray for fans fighting back!
→ Folklore and Fairytales – “The Boy Who Lived” is already a living legend
→ Are there similarities between Potter and other epic tales?
→ Enter the Cinderfellas: Voldemort, Lockhart, and Snape
→ The Anthropology of Fandom – how do you carry Harry Potter on a daily basis?
→ The 2020 fandom divide… educate yourself
→ Cultures are always shifting. The same is true for fandoms.
→ Morals and Ethics in the Potter series… is it a new religion?
→ We can definitely find moral lessons to share with others in Potter
→ Learning to deal with crises by reading about how others dealt with theirs

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