“The Unofficial Harry Potter Companion: Volume 2 Chamber of Secrets”

Hop onto your flying Ford Anglia and soar to the nearest bookshop because the new Harry Potter Unofficial Companion Volume II: Chamber of Secrets officially hit the shelves!

This whimsical new installment will take you chapter by chapter through Harry’s Chamber of Secrets adventure, and if you’ve picked up the first Volume of the Unofficial Companion series, you’ll know that these books contain so much more than simple summaries.

Volume II is stuffed to the binding with impressive trivia, thought-provoking analysis, mind-bending questions, and even memorable movie factoids! Not to mention, fabulous feature articles that dive deep into both the known history of real magic, and the unknown speculation of what could have been.

Discover & Explore:

Mandrakes in real life
A deep dive into the darkest magic in the series
Gilderoy Lockhart (enough said)
A phoenix-eye view of Hogwarts 50 years ago
Mini masterclass in foreshadowing and misdirection
And of course, should Harry have been sorted into Slytherin?


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You can find all of the links to buy both Volumes I and II We hope you love reading it as much as hosts Kat, Alison, and Grace from the Alohomora! Podcast loved writing it.