Chamber of Secrets,  Chapter Revisit

Episode 375 – COS Chapter 16, The Chamber of Secrets: Ghost Oreos

After Umbridge, Gilderoy Lockhart is the least-liked professor at Hogwarts. He’s at peak awfulness in chapter 16 of Chamber of Secrets. Join hosts Asher, Kat, Shamanee, and guest Julia for a rousing discussion of him, ghosts, poop, and so much more.

On Episode 375 we discuss…

→ Luna & Myrtle adventures
→ Dead child in the bathroom
→ Wizard GED
→ Ugh on Percy: plot makes him prefect
→ Hogwarts motto is: we don’t care if kids are in danger
→ Nothing like a little child murder to out a fraud
→ The first appearance of Harry’s signature spell
→ We all feel bad for Moaning Myrtle
→ Underground ghost world
→ The septic tank of requirement

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