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Episode 222 – Tom Riddle: Train Ride of Insanity

The single most evil wizard of all time wasn’t born evil. Or, was he? What made him tick? Grab your history book and join hosts Rosie, Kristen, Kat, and guest Grace for an in-depth dive into the psyche of Tom Marvolo Riddle.

On Episode 222 we discuss…

→ Born of the Love Potion
→ Life at the Orphanage
→ Could Dumbledore have saved him?
→ Tom at Hogwarts
→ Becoming The Dark Lord
→ Horcruxes and The First War
Join us in Diagon Alley on September 1st!

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On this recap we discuss…
→ Harry’s uncharacteristic naivety?
→ Mirror Rooms – The Chamber of Secrets and Room of Requirement
→ What really happens to Vanished bodily waste?
→ The Weakness of Voldemort
→ MemoryMort