Topic Discussion

Episode 315 – Love: Ride or Die

There are so many types of love. What are they and which are most important in the Potter series? Join hosts Grace, Irvin, Rex and guest Ella as they fall head-over-heels into the topic of Love.

On Episode 315 we discuss…

→ Love types: Agape, Philia, Eros, Storge, Xenia, Philautia
→ From Lily to Narcissa, mothers’ love is everything in Potter
→ A child’s love for their parents is not to be ignored
→ Everyone in Harry Potter needs to have a therapist
→ Does Hermione love her friends more than her parents?
→ The Golden Trio – ride or die
→ Fred and George are the best of best friends
→ Is Remus and Tonks’ relationship healthy?
→ Love potions = big yikes
→ Hogwarts course suggestion… Wizard Ethics
→ Love protections must come from a willing sacrifice
→ Grace gives a Ted Talk

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