Chapter Revisit,  Goblet of Fire

Episode 316 – GoF, 26 Revisit: This Is Traumatizing!

Harry now knows that he has to survive underwater for an hour. But just how is he supposed to do that? Thank goodness for nosy house-elves and disguised Death Eaters! Join hosts Alison, Aurelia, Tracy and guest David as they begin our WandaVision podcast… er, as they wade into the waters of Goblet of Fire Chapter 26, “The Second Task.”

On Episode 316 we discuss…

→ Would aqua lungs have functioned at Hogwarts?
→ We need more info regarding the limits of transfiguration
→ Madam Pince is THE WORST librarian
→ Powers you never knew you had and how to use them
→ Where are card catalogs/CTRL-F/Google when you need them?
→ This task is MESSED UP and Alison can’t even
→ Crackpot theory: Viktor fell in love with Hermione at the World Cup
→ The only thing that dies in this task is Harry’s watch
→ Justice for Dobby!
→ The last time we see Percy in person before he turns into a prick
→ Hogwarts, install a water filtration system. You’re gross
→ Feminism is for everyone, including merpeople

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