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Episode 273 – Draco Malfoy: Blondie Bear

Draco Malfoy is the Harry Potter series’s platinum blond bad boy. But is he worthy of a redemption arc? Join Beth, Katy, Kat, and Irvin (aka hpboy13) as we dive into the complexities of Harry’s Hogwarts nemesis.

On Episode 273 we discuss…

→ Draco Malfoy was almost Draco Smart
→ Always tickle a sleeping Draco
→ Did the Malfoys think Harry was the next Dark Lord?
→ Blood lives matter
→ Nature vs nurture
→ Irvin’s next book may or may not be about the Malfoys
→ Draco’s insides are a little squishy
→ A person of dubious morality
→ Was Lucius an abusive father?
→ The worst thing Draco ever did
→ The Mortal Instruments is HP fanfic
→ A very special announcement!

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