Hagrid Cheering
Character Study,  Topic Discussion

Episode 309 – Rubeus Hagrid: The Soccer Mom

Who knew that the lovable oaf, Hagrid, could be such a contentious topic? The goblin rebellion’s got nothing on this giant war! Join hosts Alison, Aurelia, Irvin and guest Olivia as they tackle the good, the bad, and the possibly unforgivable aspects of Rubeus Hagrid.

On Episode 309 we discuss…

→ Did Dumbledore know Hagrid’s father?
→ Mr. Dumbledore’s home for Peculiar Children
→ Ogg was probably important to Hagrid’s continued learning
→ Hagrid is the opposite of toxic masculinity
→ Hey Google, what is pedagogy?
→ Was the blast-ended skrewt breeding legal?
→ Yes, Hagrid’s a bad teacher, but that’s not his fault
→ Is there any excuse for the way Hagrid treated Dudley?
→ A case of arrested development
→ Hagrid vs. Trelawney
→ “He’s literally too stupid to live.”
→ Hagrid is a flawed character – something everyone can agree on!

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