Lockhart at the Dueling Club
Chamber of Secrets,  Chapter Revisit

Episode 310 – CoS, 11 Revisit: Can Everyone See Me?

The Polyjuice Potion has begun brewing, a colossal distraction is made during Potions class, Lockhart heads up a dueling club, and now the entire school thinks that Harry is the heir of Slytherin. Join hosts Grace, Katy, Sam and guest Chris as they dissect Chapter 11 of Chamber of Secrets, “The Dueling Club.”

On Episode 310 we discuss…

→ Theory confirmed: Dumbledore is the Avatar
→ CoS is FULL of red herrings
→ Are Fred and George cruel jackasses?
→ What’s the most terrifying sentence in the Harry Potter canon?
→ Everyone knows that Neville is almost a squid
→ Snape is such a bad teacher! For the greater good!
→ We want to see Flitwick killin’ it on the dueling stage
→ Harry CAN’T EVEN with Lockhart
→ More fat-shaming… ugh. Milicent is a cat-loving queen!
→ It’s Dolohov-o-clock!
→ Student reaction to parseltongue = xenophobia?
→ Do mandrakes bleed???

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