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Episode 236 – Languages & Translations: It Changes a Lot

Travel with us around the globe as we examine how different countries and cultures translated the words but maintained the magic of J. K. Rowling’s Wizarding World. Michael, along with SpeakBeasty host Aurelia and three very special guests, Camille, Marjolaine and Simé, are your guides as we examine the Languages and Translations of Harry Potter.

On Episode 236 we discuss…

Harry Potter and the Translator’s Nightmare
→ Names go Rogue
→ The Smasher, the Steamroller and the Golden Lightning
→ Translation Strategies
→ Localizing “Muggle”
→ Newt Scamander’s French alias
→ Universal spell-casting
→ “I am Lord Romeo”
→ Shopping for the audiobooks
→ Dubbing’s so yesterday
→ How do the translations measure up?

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