Chapter Revisit,  Half-Blood Prince

Episode 369 – HBP Chapter 14, Felix Felicis: Caterpillarhorn

We’re joined by the second half of the team that brought you The Unofficial Harry Potter Vegan Cookbook, Tylor Starr! Join Tylor and hosts Alison, Kat, and Rex as they discuss Chapter 14 of Half-Blood Prince.

On Episode 369 we discuss…

→ Getting lost on the way to class
→ The nightmare of flesh eating trees
→ Everything you wanted to know… and maybe not know about potatoes
→ What Hermione’s and Ron’s house looks like in the future
→ We want to know your most awkward encounter
Harry’s a fabulous third wheel
→ No one dates at Hogwarts
→ We love you, late bloomers
→ Everyone’s childhood is ruined
→ Harry forgets that people have other things going on it their heads
→ Gossip, ghoul
→ Nixon’s Quidditch-gate
→ Alison discovers something new

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