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Episode 303 – Patronuses & Dementors: You Fail, Maggots!

What do we know about the wizarding world’s darkest and lightest beings? Quite a lot, actually! Join hosts Alison, Rex, Tracy and guest host Noah as they discuss the intricacies of Patronuses and Dementors.

*Trigger warnings for this episode: suicidal thoughts and death of a loved one

On Episode 303 we discuss…

→ “Azkaban Guards” = magical policemen? Not quite
→ Why are parents not concerned that their children will be surrounded by Dementors in PoA?
→ Is Harry already suffering from mental health issues in PoA?
→ Are wizards behind Muggle society in the field of psychology? YES
→ Dementor’s Kiss = lobotomy
→ Rex gives us a history lesson on brain science!
→ Patronuses and spirit animals reveal a spiritual similarity
→ Are Patronuses alive??
→ Dementor vomit = maggots
→ Did Harry have suicidal thoughts?
→ Turning Patronuses into magical voicemail is legit!
→ Patronus battles… um, what??

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