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Episode 323 – Fairytales: Lockhart is Gaston

Fairytales are the basis for all fantasy, therefore they must relate to Potter. Put on your jammies and let Alison, Aurelia, and Tracy tell you a story about all of the fascinating ways they’re connected.

On Episode 323 we discuss…

→ Fairy tales, fairytales, wonder tales, magic tales, fairy stories, and Märchen
→ “In the old times when wishing was still effective”… and how
→ The Dewey Decimal System for fairytales is… woah
→ How many of these classifications match up with Potter? Hint: a lot!
→ Motifs which are the foundation for all fantasy
→ Why do fairytales endure?
→ Could we call Harry Potter a fairytale?
→ Lessons from fairytales that are mirrored in Potter
→ Half-Blood Prince: the Documentary
→ Beedle the Bard’s tales predate many Muggle fairytales!
→ Aurelia breaks down the German Max und Moritz stories by Wilhelm Busch
→ Yes, we are fawning over Aurelia’s beautiful German readings

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