Chapter Revisit,  Deathly Hallows

Episode 302 – DH, 26 Revisit: Live Your Best Life

The trio are finally able to enact a plan that just might work to get their hands on another Horcrux. With two of them in disguise, one of them invisible with a goblin on his back, and no idea what to expect when they reach their intended target; it’s a dramatic miracle that not only did they get what they wanted, they also made it out alive! Join hosts Grace, Irvin, Tracy and guest Rubini as they dive into the depths of Deathly Hallows Chapter 26, “Gringotts.”

On Episode 302 we discuss…

→ Grace’s famous last words, “I don’t think there’s anything controversial in this one!”
→ Action set-piece + character growth all in one
→ The trio forms a good plan for once!
→ Why didn’t they ask Bill for advice?
→ The quest for Bellatrix’s wand
→ Why was Hermione chosen to play the role of Bellatrix?
→ Bi-Harry? Why not
→ Can House Elves penetrate Fidelius Charms??
→ “We make society run, kind of”
→ Death Eaters = Storm Troopers
→ Gotta get the deetz on the Imperious Curse
→ Why is there not a taboo on the Unforgivable Curses??
→ “Why you gotta be so mean to the dragon?”

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