Chapter Revisit,  Philosopher's Stone

Episode 266 – PS/SS, 1 Revisit: Series of Half Truths

April 18th is Alohomora’s 7th anniversary – our most magical anniversary yet! To celebrate, we present to you the first episode of a seven-part series in which we celebrate the staying power of Harry Potter, this podcast, and our listeners by revisiting the first chapter of the seven novels – each featuring a very special guest. To kick things off, join Beth, Kat, Katy, and Michael as they discuss the chapter where it all began, “The Boy Who Lived,” Chapter 1 of Philosopher’s / Sorcerer’s Stone.

On Episode 266 we discuss…

→ Why does this chapter turn off so many new readers?
→ Rainy days and Tuesdays always get me down…or not
→ I assert our inalienable right to party!
→ How much magic can one do in animagus form?
→ The mystifying missing 24 hours
→ How did Dumbledore figure out the blood protection so quickly?
→ Harry’s numerology
→ Ted, the magical newscaster!
→ Cigarette lighters that talk to your soul
→ Sinister, uncaring, cold Dumbledore?
→ Privet Drive: the best place for Harry
→ How did McGonagall know? And how has their relationship changed?

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