Chapter Revisit,  Prisoner of Azkaban

Episode 304 – PoA, 15 Revisit: Quidditch Is Life

Heartbreak, reconciliation, revenge, panic, catharsis… and that’s all before one of the best (and worst) Quidditch games in the entire series! Join hosts Alison, Irvin, and Rex as they fly through Prisoner of Azkaban Chapter 15, “Quidditch Final.”

On episode 304 we discuss…

→ What was Buckbeak’s favorite part of London?
→ Hermione at her breaking point… crying, slapping, quitting
→ Hermione’s slap = SO GOOD… but, don’t do that
→ Fowl or Foul? Ron helping with Buckbeak’s appeal is precious
→ How does the Quidditch system even work??
→ Oliver legit sends his team to bed
→ “What a man… I love him”
→ Crookshanks and the “Grim” – blink and you miss it
→ Lee Jordan’s commentary gives us life
→ “When you want to win, rules don’t matter!”
→ Everyone’s reactions when Gryffindor wins = golden
→ Which memory would guarantee a successful Patronus cast for you?

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