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Episode 291 – The Black Sisters: Cleaning up Corpses

Three characters who are typically thought of singularly are put back into their original family unit for this fascinating episode. Join Alison, Irvin, and special guest Vanessa Zoltan from Harry Potter and the Sacred Text as they discuss the nasty, naughty, and nice Black Sisters.

On Episode 291 we discuss…

→ Inbreeding is bad because it causes confusion!
→ Bellatrix has a dragon heartstring wand, which is a core shared by an odd cadre of characters
→ Why Bellatrix was killed by Molly Weasley
→ All of London should be covered in statues of Molly Weasley!
→ Why does Narcissa protect Harry in the Battle of Hogwarts?
→ Why did Narcissa only have one child?
→ How did Andromeda and Ted Tonks meet-cute?
→ Andromeda and Harry look after each other post-war
→ Alison makes herself cry a lot
→ Draco and Andromeda’s hypothetical post-war relationship makes us so happy!

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