Topic Discussion

Episode 289 – Small Questions: Dobby Dash

Over the years, we’ve collected a lot of questions we thought would make excellent discussion topics but maybe weren’t meaty enough to warrant a whole episode. Join Amy, Beth, Katy, and returning guest host and author, Parker Peeveyhouse, as they explore some of these random but fascinating small questions.

On Episode 289 we discuss…

→ Red shirt Death Eaters
→ The slippery slope of the Elder Wand’s power
→ “I look real good in half-moons.”
→ “The shop will choose the apprentice.”
→ Could Boggarts be deadly?
→ Inter-species education
→ What happens to Muggleborns who aren’t allowed to go to school?
→ Wizard money and taxes – good luck giving correct change!
→ Hidden animagi and where to find them
→ Room of Requirement money-making schemes
→ Inter-species relations – yep, we went there
→ The Sorting Hat secret

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