Exciting Anniversary Announcement!

Alohomora!, has been listened to by almost three quarters of a million people in the last year. We’ve covered two and a half books (plus the corresponding movies), had over two dozen amazing guest hosts, and have talked about themes and issues in the Potter series that have quite literally never been discussed before. Today, April 18th, we celebrate our one year anniversary with a very exciting announcement! Well, TWO announcements, actually!

The first BIG announcement is that the fans, the listeners, are going to get something that they have been BEGGING us for. The team has decided that bi-weekly, two chapters shows merely aren’t cutting it anymore. The fans are breaking the teams inbox and discussion forums asking for MORE DISCUSSION! MORE LAUGHTER! MORE POTTER!So, they are giving it to them! Starting with Episode #28, Alohomora! will be coming to you weekly. Yes, weekly. The team is so excited to be able to achieve this task, bringingPotter love to our listeners on a weekly basis. Feels like 2007 again!

The second half of the exciting announcement is that the current hosts, Noah, Kat, Caleb, & Rosie have decided that weekly shows are just too much for the four of them to handle alone. The decision? MORE HOSTS! They are very excited to welcome two more full time members to the hosting team: Laura Reilly & MuggleCast’s Eric Scull.

We are also incredibly happy to welcome Terrance Pinkston, from the beloved podcastHogwarts Radio, to our post production team!

Weekly shows are not only going to allow us to be in your headphones, iPods, & MP3 players more often, but it’s going to enable more of you to participate! We plan to almost ELIMINATE host only shows, and have a fan guest and absolutely every – single – episode.

If you haven’t checked out Alohomora!, well there has never been a better time to start! You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes (for FREE!), follow us on Twitter, ‘Like’ us onFacebook, or reblog about us on Tumblr. You can also share your thoughts with us by calling our phone number 206-GO-ALBUS (462-5287), and your message might be played on the show!

On behalf of the rest of the Alohomora! team, we hope that you are as excited for this announcement as we are!


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