Ring Composition,  Topic Discussion

Episode 254 – Ring Composition, Part One: It’s a Wow Thing

We’re going around in circles. Take a deep, deep, DEEP dive in the Harry Potter series with part one of our Ring Composition episodes, hosted by special guest John Granger, aka the Hogwarts Professor, with hosts Kat, Beth, and Alison. This topic episode will almost literally blow your mind.

On Episode 254 we discuss…

→ Ring Theory vs. Ring Composition: Wizards don’t do math
→ Shoutout Maxima: Percivals; supporting a large family; what’s going on in Percy’s head?; Does Percy have anxiety?
→ What is Ring Composition? (Hint: Turtles!)
→ Immediate chapter parallels: Peeves’s water balloons and the lake task?!
→ A handy visual from John’s book
→ Kat has a new podcast idea
→ Latches and turns
→ Privet Drive by motorcycle
→ The obviousness of “Owl Post” and “Owl Post Again”
→ Speculation about the rings in the Fantastic Beasts series
→ Alison has a major new academic project
→ The literary value of Rowling’s work
→ Internal book rings

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