Chapter Revisit,  Goblet of Fire

Episode 269 – GoF, 1 Revisit: Timelines Say What?

We are halfway through our 7th anniversary celebrations, and to note the occasion, we invited a very familiar voice back to the show after many, many years away…! Join hosts Beth, Rosie, Kat, and [redacted] as they visit Little Hangleton and take another deep dive into chapter 1 of Goblet of Fire, “The Riddle House”

On Episode 269 we discuss…

→ Good in depth discussion, kick ass usernames
→ Delving into some magical science
→ Struggling to keep track of timelines
→ Once again the trace has questionable mechanics
→ The significance of the Riddle house to Voldemort
→ Looking for an ounce of Wormtail’s morality
→ Noah was nearly prophetic about Nagini
→ Nagini’s back story came out of nowhere
→ A totally different format than previous first chapters
→ Voldemort is basically a Batman villain
→ An honorary sorting for Frank

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