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Episode 311 – Quidditch: The Human Condition

No matter what your feelings about earth-bound Muggle sports may be, Quidditch is a universally fascinating game. Join hosts Alison, Irvin, Sam and guest Josh as they explain how it works, ponder what could be improved, and dive into its origins.

On Episode 311 we discuss…

→ Early Quidditch = animal cruelty
→ How does the Hogwarts House team system work?
→ There should be JV teams, more backup players, fun play, and more games
→ “That’s just Jo not thinking it through.”
→ Quidditch is the one thing that comes naturally to Harry
→ The 2014 Quidditch World Cup was a thing of beauty
→ Female inclusion in wizard sport FTW!
→ How much do the different brooms really matter?
→ The Snitch is worth too many points
→ Fouls… the punishment does not fit the crime
→ Much love for Muggle Quidditch
→ A sport invented out of pettiness

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