Cursed Child,  Topic Discussion

Episode 258 – Cursed Child NYC: Earth-One and Earth-Two

You’ve been waiting like Scorpius Malfoy checking the Daily Prophet for news of Hogwarts, and now it’s finally here: our discussion on the production of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in New York City! Join Michael, Katy, Beth, and Alison as they discuss all aspects of the play in an episode that almost ended up as long as the show itself!

On Episode 258 we discuss…

→ First Impressions
→ Do you HAVE to see the original cast?
→ 30 Crescendos
→ Main character confusion
→ The Search for Scorpius
→ Thor Cups for Poppy Miller
→ Nomione
→ Move along, timeline
→ “That sheep is on fire!”
→ Trains and . . . sewing machines?
→ The dementor’s hug
→ Crying hangover
→ Another Human Horcrux?
→ Cursed Child: The First Draft
→ Will the play last?

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