Episode Zero

Have you ever wondered how the idea for Alohomora! materialized and who was behind it all? This episode takes you back to the practice episode BEFORE the first actual episode of the show! Plus, you’ll hear never-before-revealed tidbits from Kat and Rosie as they reminisce with our editor, Patrick. Get those Time-Turners ready!

On Episode Zero we discuss…

→ A behind the scenes look at the inception of the show
→ How will this podcast be different from all others?
→ Are our interpretations just as valid as JKR’s?
→ Kat doesn’t want to be a narrator
→ In-depth analysis begins!
→ Crackpot theories
→ Is Dumbledore’s watch anything more than a watch?
→ Patrick and his Robin Williams impressions
→ So, Alohomora is Potter on drugs?
→ The role AudioFictions played in starting and growing the show
→ “It can’t be legit without a Brit!”
→ The amazing Alohomora community cannot be beat

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