Character Study,  Topic Discussion

Episode 305 – Cho Chang: Social Distance from Swans!

There are many words to describe Cho Chang: a minority, a beauty, a lover, a crier, a loyal friend, a fighter. Join hosts Alison, Rex, Sam, and guest Ronnie as they discuss all facets of what makes Cho an interesting yet under-served character.

On Episode 305 we discuss…

→ Cho’s name… lazily written, alliteration love, and/or downright offensive?
→ The only girl on her Quidditch team!
→ Written to be a love triangle character/self-insertion mold
→ From cool chick to emotional, jealous wreck
→ Ginny vs. Cho
→ Teenage boys are oblivious
→ The Madam Puddifoot’s disaster – fault on both sides
→ Why did Cho join the DA?
→ #Charry
→ Cho + Dudley = the fanfics we all want to read
→ What kind of wand do you imagine Cho has?
→ Cho as Asian representation

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