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Episode 301 – The Anthropology of Harry Potter, Part One: Wicked Fascinating

How can the study of anthropology be applied to the Harry Potter series and its fans? Margaret-Ann Simonetta, seminar lecturer and graduate student at Harvard University in the field of anthropology, is here to teach us! Join hosts Grace, Katy, and Tracy along with Margaret-Ann as they discuss this new, impressive way of academically approaching Potter.

On Episode 301 we discuss…

→ How has Potter shaped your own personal or social environment?
→ “The Harry Potter series is a massive lesson on the notion of death”
→ Which character deaths got send-offs and which didn’t?
→ Life following loss
→ What kind of afterlife would you want in the Potter universe?
→ “I really do believe that Voldemort was a good leader”
→ So many daddy issues
→ A great political leader or a god?
→ The progression of propaganda
→ What should the new Ministry of Magic statue look like?
→ Which words/phrases from the series do you use in your everyday conversations?

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