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Episode 238 – Hermione Granger: Exit, Pursued by Hermione

She’s the smartest witch of her age and it’s about time we gave her the attention she deserves. Join Alison, Beth, Michael and return guest host, Rita, as they head to the library to read up on the real power behind Potter, Hermione Granger.

On Episode 238 we discuss…

→ Hermy-own? Herm-own-ninny?
→ Just who are Hermione’s parents?
→ Does Hermione’s wand core fit her personality?
→ Otters fall asleep holding hands and we’re verklempt
→ Minister of Magic in Hermione’s future
→ Without Hermione, would Harry be dead?
→ Women in fantasy tropes
→ Hermione as a role model for young women
→ Hermione vs. the Lovegoods
→ Morality of S.P.E.W.
→ Hollywood-ized Hermione
→ Bring on diverse Hermione!

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