Chapter Revisit,  Prisoner of Azkaban

Episode 288 – PoA, 12 Revisit: Hope, Not Happiness

It’s a new year and as we enjoy our Christmas presents, Harry is upset that his has been taken away. Join Alison, Katy, Rosie and our guest Olivia Underwood as we learn to battle our nightmares and find our light in Chapter 12 of Prisoner of Azkaban, “The Patronus.”

Please take note that this episode contains some heavy topics. We have compiled a list of helpful contacts in the comments below.

On Episode 288 we discuss…

→ How much do broomsticks cost??
→ Who would have taken Harry’s place as Seeker?
→ Oliver Wood’s best chapter
→ How did Sirius REALLY buy the Firebolt?
→ How did Hermione keep Lupin’s secret for so long?
→ Are Boggarts sentient? Remus certainly has an affinity for them!
→ Why “Expecto”?
Dungeons and Dragons makes its way into Harry Potter
→ Daniel Radcliffe’s most iconic movie spell?
→ How a Patronus can be a form of therapy for Harry and for us!
→ Is Azkaban the only prison that employs Dementors?
→ Perhaps “happy memories” are not truly the best fuel for this spell

Show links:
The Meaning of “Expecto Patronum”: From Hogwarts to Ancient Rome!

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