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Episode 287 – Lord Voldemort: Double Extra Big Bad

What is a hero’s journey without a villain? Join Kat, Rosie, Irvin and guest host Tylor Starr of the Protego Foundation and ChickPeeps as they discuss the arch-nemesis of the series, he-who-must-not-be-named… Lord Voldemort himself.

On Episode 287 we discuss…

This episode contains some very mature (and uber gross) themes that may deter some listeners. Proceed with caution.

→ Do we pronounce the T in “Voldemort”?
→ Why is Voldemort drawn to Horcruxes, and why 7?
→ We hate controversy… but was Harry a Horcrux?
→ What was Voldemort going to turn into a Horcrux with Harry’s murder?
→ Why not use the Fidelius Charm on Horcruxes? Can you be your own Secret-Keeper?
→ Did Voldemort choose how he looks? What inspired him?
→ We want to hunt diadems in Albania!
→ “Don’t look at me!” – What a diva!
→ How did Voldemort get his body back? Irvin has some really nasty theories!
Irvin staged the entire resurrection of Voldemort at MISTI-Con… because of course he did.
→ Does Voldemort have Voldybits?
→ Where does Voldemort fall in the pantheon of pop culture villains, and is he a successful villain?

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