Chapter Revisit,  Deathly Hallows

Episode 276 – DH, 5 Revisit: A Saintlike Situation

Every epic tale has a story of the chase that ends in tragedy. On this episode, we discuss several of them, included an unexpected one from within our own ranks. Join hosts Kat, Michael, and Irvin, along with guest Ev, as they take a knee to discuss Chapter 5 of Deathly Hallows, “Fallen Warrior.”

On Episode 276 we discuss…

→ Whomping Willow Woods
→ A little bit of everything for the discerning Potter fan
→ Foreshadowing full circle
→ The Tonks Family
→ Genius takes work
→ Terror and Tension
→ Lupin has a lot to lose
→ More cheerful topics?
→ Let’s talk about Moody
→ Underdeveloped frontal lobes
→ I don’t like you Mundungus Fletcher
→ The last best hope.

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