Topic Discussion

Episode 277 – Muggles & Squibs: Not on the List

It’s time to explore the least magical topic in Wizardry, the everyday lives of Muggles and Squibs that remind us how magical the not-so-distant Wizarding World can be. Join Irvin, Rosie and Kat with guest GryfferinPrefect as they discuss the reality of life without magic.

On Episode 277 we discuss…

→ What makes a Muggle a Muggle and a Squib a Squib?
→ Focus on Filch
→ Why Magic needs Muggles
→ Othering and Norms
→ Weasleys’ Non-Wizarding Worries?
→ Canon Squibs and Muggles
→ Magic accessibility aids for Squibs

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