Chapter Revisit,  Deathly Hallows

Episode 245 – DH, 36 Revisit: Exploding a Moment

It’s been 20 years since one of the Wizarding World’s greatest battles. Join hosts Alison, Beth and Michael, along with guest host, Emily, as they witness Harry take down Voldemort, all thanks to “The Flaw In the Plan,” Chapter 36 of Deathly Hallows.

On Episode 245 we discuss…

→ Let the tears flow with Michael’s reading of the chapter!
→ Untested magic
→ A moment for parallels
→ Harry’s cadaver career
→ James is important too, guys!
→ “I’m Spartacus!”
→ Everything but the Ford Anglia
→ Other ways to kill a wizard
→ Stupid movie
→ The Master of Death
→ 19 years of recovery
→ What is the Flaw?

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