Chapter Revisit,  Goblet of Fire

Episode 259 – GoF, 20 Revisit: You Might Come Across a Dragon

We’re celebrating the 24th anniversary of Harry’s daring encounter with the Hungarian Horntail. Join hosts Michael and Rosie, along with guest host Aaron, as they revisit the thrills of “The First Task,” Chapter 20 of Goblet of Fire.

On Episode 259 we discuss…

→ Find us on Pandora!
→ The most insane challenge
→ Is Crouch Jr. trying to be caught?
→ Humble Harry
→ “Oh no, it’s sports day.”
→ Irresponsible adults
→ Magical 3D printing
→ Did Harry cheat?
→ The pros and cons of widening the Wizarding World
→ The Life and Lies of Rita Skeeter

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