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Episode 260 – Luna Lovegood: Broaden Your Minds

Discussing Luna on this episode was like having friends. She may not be the fairy princess we see in the movies but she’s certainly more than just an oddball. Broaden your minds with Beth, Kat, and Katy as we dive into the character of the beloved Luna Lovegood.

On Episode 260 we discuss…

→ Luna and Newt definitely hung out
→ Is Luna a manic pixie dream girl?
→ Casually talking about death
→ How close were Ginny and Luna?
→ Hermione’s ultimate foot-in-mouth moment
→ Pair the spares syndrome
→ Luna’s emotional intelligence
→ Her belief in oddities is genuine
→ Nature vs nurture
→ Katy makes cosplay plans
→ The anti-Luna

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