Chapter Revisit,  Order of the Phoenix

Episode 332 – OOTP, 18 Dumbledore’s Army Revisit: Honing in on the Voldymind

It’s the first official meeting of the DA, but this chapter is full of so much more than that! Animal abuse, quidditch, Tom, and well-dressed house elves are not to be overlooked. Join hosts Grace, Irvin, and Katy along with special guest host Hannah Elsy, producer of the highly acclaimed play Dumbledore is so Gay, as they discuss both the ‘sirius’ and fun parts of Order of the Phoenix Chapter 18, “Dumbledore’s Army.”

On Episode 332 we discuss…

→ Katy calls out to all cosplayers with a mighty need
→ The trio are royalty
→ A ‘Sirius’ discussion… what the pandemic has taught us
→ Angelina is a BOSS
→ Would anything have changed if Harry had confided in Dumbledore?
→ FB3: Shame On Dumbledore
→ The weapon is a lie
→ Voldymood recaps and which events they match up with
→ Is the Room of Requirement overpowered?
→ Sirius is the devil on Harry’s shoulder
→ What would you change about the books if you could?

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