Topic Discussion

Episode 279 – House Duality: Fifth Grade Impeachment

Why have one House when you can have multiple? Pull out your Sorting Hat, weigh your options, and wait about five minutes for a Hatstall! Join hosts Irvin, Beth, and Alison with guest host Beth as they dive into the complex nature of House Duality.

On Episode 279 we discuss…

→ Controversial ideas
→ Who you are vs. what you value
→ Self-fulfilling prophecy
→ McGonagall’s fully developed brain
→ Sorting Hat Chats (Check out Sorting Hat Chats here!)
→ Irvin wants to talk about Dumbledore
→ We explore our house journeys
→ Why be one thing when you can be everything else?
→ Does a person’s house define them?
→ Spot on house mottos
→ Sorting characters from the books

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