Chamber of Secrets,  Chapter Revisit

Episode 249 – CoS, 4 Revisit: Forget Me Not

Think the intro chapters to the early books are boring and worthy of being skipped? Let us prove you wrong! Beth, Katy, Rosie and guest host Ryan explore Chapter 4 of Chamber of Secrets, “At Flourish and Blotts,” and show just how rich the text is.

On Episode 249 we discuss…

→ Foreshadow maxima!
→ Ghouls: pests of the after-life
→ Arthur Weasley’s Muggle World Podcast
→ Honest portrayals of poverty
→ Is fire travel unique to Potter?
→ Ring theory epicness!
→ Draco unmasked
→ Burke, the body snatcher
→ What was Hagrid really doing in Knockturn Alley?
→ So much Harry love
→ Did Lucius target the Weasleys or was Ginny a convenience?
→ Mr. and Mrs. Granger – blissfully ignorant

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