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Episode 248 – Magic’s Inner Workings: We’re All Squibs

Is magic just another form of energy? How do wizarding genetics work? Does Polyjuice Potion transform your DNA? Where does magic intersect with science? How is Rowling’s magic similar to the Force? Join hosts Beth, Katy, and Rosie, along with guest host, Adam, as they tackle these questions, and much more, in this brain twisting episode.

On Episode 248 we discuss…

→ Guessing about Gamp’s Law
→ Can you conjure air?!
→ Turns out you can study Alchemy at Hogwarts
→ Could the plague actually be dragon pox?
→ Mandrakes are real and science = magic
→ Flying brooms are less conspicuous than flying bathtubs
→ Revisiting the desk pig!
→ No such thing as too many Star Trek references
→ There actually is a math class at Hogwarts
→ We pull out our punnett squares to talk genetics in HP
→ Wizards can use electronics…just not at school
→ Are wizards really space aliens?

Links to genetic information referenced in this episode:
Harry Potter and the Genetics of Wizarding – Eric Spana
Genetics of Wizardry: Were Harry Potter’s Magical Powers Written in His DNA?
Genetics in Harry Potter’s World Lesson 1
Genetics in Harry Potter’s World Lesson 2

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