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Episode 250 – Pop Culture: Harry Potter Is EVERYTHING

We are a quarter of a millennia old! Can you believe that we have hit 250?! We decided to take on a broad, fun topic in celebration of our 250th episode – Harry Potter in pop culture. Join hosts Michael, Kat, Alison, and guest Terrance Pinkston Jr. from Hogwarts Radio for this landmark episode!

On Episode 250 we discuss…

→ What is popular culture anyway?
→ J.K. Rowling made bank!
→ Harry Potter’s YA ancestors
→ From Baby-Sitters Club to Shakespeare
→ What’s Potter got that the others don’t?
→ The fan fiction springboard
→ “Snape… Snape… Severus Snape…”
→ The diminishing return
→ Can Potter really be everything?

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