Topic Discussion

Episode 244 – Death: It Does Not Do to Dwell

Follow us through the Veil as we examine the multiple themes, omens, quotes, and more revolving around death in the Harry Potter series. Join hosts Katy and Rosie, along with SpeakBeasty host Aurelia and guest Gina as they discuss this Grim, yet important, topic.

On Episode 244 we discuss…

→ JKR’s admissions of how the death of her mother shaped the series
→ Immortality and the fear of death
→ Voldemort: The most useless, magic-dependent wizard ever
→ Grief over death and loss
→ How unresolved grief can stunt growth
→ Acceptance of death and its inevitability
→ The Flamels are Hobbits
→ What was on Dumbledore’s bucket list?
→ Church Grims bring out Katy’s angst
→ Death is more trustworthy than God or the Devil
→ Quotes to grieve by
→ Listener experiences using Potter to help them grieve

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